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Zodiac: Libra
Sep 24 - Oct 23
Read more about Libra.
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Star data

The magnitude (brightness) is measured on a logarithmic scale. Small numbers mean bright stars: A star with a brightness of 1 mag is 100 times brighter that an star with 6 mag.
2.86 mag Star name:Algedi (δ Capricorni)
Tycho-Identifier:6363:1044:1 HIP-Identifier:107556
This star belongs to the huge UCAC 3 catalog. It is identified by this number in the UCAC 3 catalog.
Declination:-16.1266° Right ascension:21h 47m 2.29s (326.75952°)
The distance is measured in light years (LY). A light year is the distance, that light travels within one year. 1 LJ is equal to about 5,878,630,000,000 miles.
38.56 LY Spectral type: A5mF2 (IV)
Every star belongs to a constellation, and 12 of those constellations are part of the zodiac.
Capricornus (Capricorn)
The Capricorn is one of the oldest constellations. It is often depicted as a combination of a goat and a fish due to its ancient name in the Babylonian culture.
read more on this constellation
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