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Enjoy beautiful certificates at no cost.
Pick a star for your location or your zodiac.
Staracle is the most popular free registry.
Our star registration is as legit as if you pay.
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Dedicate an extra
bright star or galaxy.
A wonderful gift: Only a free star comes from the heart.
It is as real as if you pay for it, no matter what they tell you.
Only unique stars: Unlike many other star registries, we give away all stars only once! Do not share your star with thousands of other people.
Stamp and seal
Free registration of your star - as legit as if you buy a star and pay!
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Certificate templates
Beautiful certificates with personal star chart and your own uploaded photos on it
Coffee mug with star chart
Coffee mugs with personalized star charts that show your star, different colors available
We make it as simple as that:
Choose a plan
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Choose a star
visible from your place
Enter a name
and dedication
Free Plan
Name a star for free,
which is as real as if you pay!
Registration of your star
Customizable certificate
Online interactive Star Map
Premium Plan
Extra certificate designs and
personal scientific star charts
Registration of your star
Quality certificate designs
Your photos on the certificate
Online interactive Star Map
Scientific Star Maps (download)
Premium Plus Plan
Full package for home print
and beautiful DIY presents
Registration of your star
Quality certificate designs
Your photos on the certificate
Online interactive Star Map
Scientific Star Maps (download)
Explanatory posters (download)
Printed Plan
Get a framed or non-framed
quality print of your certificate
Registration of your star
Quality certificate designs
Your photos on the certificate
Online interactive Star Map
Scientific Star Maps (on certificate)
Quality print of certificate
Breakfast Plan
Reminds you of your star
with every morning coffee
Registration of your star
Quality certificate designs
Your photos on the certificate
Online interactive Star Map
Scientific Star Map (on mug)
Coffee mug with your star map
Our free star naming service is as legit and real as if you pay a lot of money to buy a star. We have served so many who were happy to get this special gift at absolutely no cost. And we have a growing number of customers who support us by buying one of our premium packages.

A Star Called Jack

Or Zoe. Or Liam. Or Olivia. Or any name you choose!

Add your child’s name to this amazing personalised book…choose from a dozen boy / girl figures to put them in the story….and send them whooshing off on a journey across the galaxy.
They’ll travel to a star. They’ll make new friends, who help them make their way home. And they’ll love it when the star gets named in their honour.
Book Title Image
We’ve partnered with Tell It Your Way to produce this special gift pack for kids aged 0-7. Your personalised book comes with detailed star maps and a certificate – everything in our Premium Plus Plan worth US-$ 10.
Available now!

Explanatory Posters

Our Premium Plus Plan includes a poster of our solar system and equatorial star charts of our night sky. All posters are available as high-quality pdf or jpeg downloads and in three different aspect ratios to suit most common print sizes from small to large.
The solar system, explanatory poster
The solar system, explanatory poster
Equatorial star chart, dark layout
Equatorial star chart, dark layout
Equatorial star chart, light layout
Equatorial star chart, light layout

Corporate Gift: Name a Star for your clients or employees

Are you looking for a unique and personal gift for your clients or employees? We will work with your designers to brand your star naming certificates to make this a unique and unforgettable gift. Online packages and printed packages available. Find out more.

Dedicate a Galaxy

... or a Nebula, or a star cluster, or an extraordinary star

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Name a whole galaxy or a notable star that is not part of our regular naming program. We give away those objects only once, unlike many other star registers that give away the same super bright stars over and over again. The uniqueness of our stars is proven with the unique Staracle Stellar Smart Contract. Find out more!

Quality Print Products

Our museum quality Glicée prints are of highest quality and are ready to adorn any room. Accompanied by a coffee mug with a star chart that marks your star, it is the perfect star combo to have your star with you in every coffee break. Check out all of our products.
High quality Alder framesALT
High quality Alder frames
Dark pillow on a chair
Comfy light and dark pillows with your personal star chart
Blue coffee mug
Various colored coffee mugs with your personal star chart
Example of a light certificate
Beautiful color combinations

The Perfect Gift

Are you looking for a gift for a very special person? Our high-quality fine-art prints are printed on Ultra Premium Luster Photo Paper and are ready to adorn any room. Choose among our large selection of premium photos and have a framed or non-framed fine-art print delivered right to your place.
Humming Bird
A super crisp photograph of a humming bird, the tremendous speed of its wings frozen in the blink of an eye. A stunning image to impress in your living room.
Coal Sack astronomical object
A wonderful photograph of the Coal Sack, an astronomical object far away.
A photograph of the well-known Comet NEOWISE that was visible throughout July in 2020.
The Pleiades
The Pleiades, also known as the Seven Sisters are one of the most beautiful star clusters in our night sky. Surrounded by the bluish left over material from their birth, these stars are in the youth of their life.


There are a few other good alternatives to commercial star naming. The Adopt a Star program lets you adopt a star while your money will be donated to astronomy research. So your money is well spent! If you are in a German speaking country, consider naming a star for free with, a free alternative by the Arbeitskreis Salzkammergut in Austria.

Free Star Bundles for Charities

Boost your donations with free premium star packages from Staracle for your donors. We support your fund raising campaigns at no cost so 100% of the donations go to your charity. Find out more.Peaceful Purpose Foundation

Stroll our interactive star map

Our interactive star map is a very unique feature. Explore the night sky in a great and intuitive way and pick your very personal star wherever you like!
Go to our interactive star map

Pixels Of Art Project

Visit our latest art project. Pixels Of is a collection of photographs, published as batches of pixels. Unlock a batch and watch the photograph emerge on
Pixels of Fitz Roy
Often, climbers have to wait for weeks due to bad weather.
Pixels of New York City
A busy road, somewhere between the East River & the Hudson River.
High in the sky, climbing with no effort and enjoying the scenery.
Pixels of The Sky
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