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Zodiac: Gemini
May 22 - Jun 21
Read more about Gemini.
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Staracle Certified Star Naming Entry


No soy sino polvo estelar movido por el viento cósmico e iluminado por la luz de tu sonrisa.
The star has a magnitude of 13.58 mag and is at a distance of many light years. It is at coordinates -28.5557° (declination) and 22h 0m 51.94s (right ascension). Your star is in the constellation of Pisces Austrinus (Southern Fish, read more on this constellation).
This star is named to:
It was named on:
March 2, 2021
It was named by:
Daniel Carpena
No soy sino polvo estelar movido por el viento cósmico e iluminado por la luz de tu sonrisa.
Right ascension
22h 0m 51.94s (330.21640°)
The magnitude (brightness) is measured on a logarithmic scale. Small numbers mean bright stars: A star with a brightness of 1 mag is 100 times brighter that an star with 6 mag.
13.58 mag
This star belongs to the huge UCAC 3 catalog. It is identified by this number in the UCAC 3 catalog.
Spectral type
not in database
Color index
not in database
Every star belongs to a constellation, and 12 of those constellations are part of the zodiac.
Pisces Austrinus (Southern Fish)
In December, this star can be viewed from Murcia, Spain in the morningin the evening. Around 7:10pm in early December (Central European Standard Time), it can be found at an elevation of 23° in the south. Please make sure that no obstacles (such as building, mountains, or trees) are impeding your view.
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