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Zodiac: Aries
Mar 21 - Apr 20
Read more about Aries.
Do you want to buy a star? Check our tutorial before you spend money!

How to name a star

... and be happy with it!
There are many web sites that offer you various star naming packages. Some are expensive, others are even more expensive. It's difficult to choose the best star naming company, so we came up with a short tutorial on how to star name properly:
  1. Choose a name and dedication for your star
    It should be a personal name and dedication, that makes it unique for the loved one who will receive the star.
  2. Choose a constellation
    There are 88 constellations in the night sky, and 12 constellations that belong to the zodiac. Choose the one that fits best!
  3. Pick the right star naming company
    Make sure the company offers free star naming. Enter the name and dedication and pick a star in the right constellation.
  4. Do not pay for your star!
    Nobody owns the stars, so nobody can sell them. Only a free star will last forever in the heart of the presentee!
Done. It's that easy. We recommend you handcraft a small present that goes along with your star. Include the star naming certificate in whatever you come up with. Believe us: A handcrafted present with a free star means millions more to most people than an expensive star naming package from a random company that is just handed over.

Name a star for free!

... because it is as real as if you pay! (Why?)
A personal star is the perfect gift for your loved ones. Your star's certificate is only a few clicks away.

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