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Zodiac: Sagittarius
Nov 23 - Dec 21
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NGC 6543 (Cat's Eye Nebula)

NGC 6543 (M 0) is a planetary nebula and in the constellation of Dragon. It is also known as the Cat's Eye Nebula. It is approximately 3,300 lightyears away from earth.
This wonderful planetary nebula was discovered by William Herschel already in 1786. It consists of the remnants of an old star that blew its gas out into deep space. The gas will wander through our galaxy and eventually become part of new stars and planets. Planetary nebulas are usually not very old, and the age of the Cat's Eye Nebula is estimated at around 1000 years, not very old on a cosmic scale.
Right ascension
-6h -1m -24.43s (-90.35180°)
The magnitude (brightness) is measured on a logarithmic scale. Small numbers mean bright stars: A star with a brightness of 1 mag is 100 times brighter that an star with 6 mag.
8.1 mag
not in database
The distance is measured in light years (LY). A light year is the distance, that light travels within one year. 1 LJ is equal to about 5,878,630,000,000 miles.
3,3003,300 ly
not in database
Messier NºMessier Nº
Every star belongs to a constellation, and 12 of those constellations are part of the zodiac.
Draco (Dragon)
The cat's eye nebula on a long exposed astro photograph, revealing an inner and outer nebula formation.
Image credit: Nordic Optical Telescope and Romano Corradi (Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes, Spain)
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