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Zodiac: Sagittarius
Nov 23 - Dec 21
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R Sculptoris

R Sculptoris is a carbon star (C) in the constellation of Sculptor.
This carbon star is a luminous red giant. Ordinary stars have more oxygen in their atmosphere than carbon. In contrast, carbon stars have more carbon than oxygen in their atmosphere. Those carbon compounds give the star its strikingly ruby red appearance.
It is also a variable star with a pulsation period of around 376 days. The star is shedding its outer atmosphere. It is surrounded by a thin shell of dust and gas that was created during the most recent thermal pulse some 2000 years ago.
Right ascension
1h 26m 58.1s (21.74208°)
The magnitude (brightness) is measured on a logarithmic scale. Small numbers mean bright stars: A star with a brightness of 1 mag is 100 times brighter that an star with 6 mag.
6.9 mag
The distance is measured in light years (LY). A light year is the distance, that light travels within one year. 1 LJ is equal to about 5,878,630,000,000 miles.
1,5461,546 ly
Spectral type
Color index
Every star belongs to a constellation, and 12 of those constellations are part of the zodiac.
Sculptor (Sculptor)
Artist impression of R Sculptoris, showing its ruby red appearance.
Image credit: NASA, ESA, and The Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA).
License: Public Domain
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