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Zodiac: Leo
Jul 23 - Aug 22
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Cancer (Cancer)

According to the ancient myth, the Crab attacked Hercules while he was fighting the Hydra. It is the least prominent constellations in the zodiac.
This constellation belongs to the zodiac. Its time of the year is between June 22 and July 22. This constellation does not belong to the zodiac. It's brightest star is β Cancri.
Neighboring constellations are Gemini, Canis Minor, Hydra, Leo, Leo Minor, and Lynx.
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Latin name:  Cancer (Cnc)
English name:  Cancer
Abbreviation:  Cnc
Zodiac:  June 22 - July 22
Brightest star:  β Cancri

Historic illustration of the Crab.

Objects in Cancer

A selection of interesting objects visible with a telescope.
M44 (NGC 2632, Beehive Cluster)
an open cluster in the constellation Cancer
Image credit: Atlas Image [or Atlas Image mosaic] obtained as part of the Two Micron All Sky Survey (2MASS), a joint project of the University of Massachusetts and the Infrared Processing and Analysis Center/California Institute of Technology, funded by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the National Science Foundation.

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