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Zodiac: Gemini
May 22 - Jun 21
Read more about Gemini.
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The perfect Christmas gift: Name a star for free

November 02, 2016

Christmas is getting closer. And so is the question: What shall I get my loved ones for Christmas? Naming a star has been a unique and personal gift for many decades. is a free star naming service, offering the same star naming quality as many other commercial sites since more than five years. With an online presence for every named star and a searchable international star database, makes sure that your star can be found from every corner of the world.
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No star is like the other.'s database hosts more than 100 million unique stars, and it's easy to pick your favorite star among them. Your personal account at makes it very convenient to manage all your stars. When creating your personal star cluster on an interactive star chart, you can instantly download your personal star naming certificate absolutely free of charge. Every certificate can be customized by choosing one of many design styles and background images. For a small extra charge, will also let you upload personal photos that you can inline into your star's certificate, making your certificate as individual as possible.
A high-quality star chart that can be enriched with astronomical facts about your star and your star's constellation can be customized in many ways. For those who want even more, you can start writing a star blog for each of your stars. Invite your friends and start building your very own star community.
While is a free service, it offers you exactly the same star naming quality as commercial sites. The reason is simple: nobody owns the stars, so nobody can sell them. Professional astronomers will never recognize any of those names, regardless of the star naming organization. Star naming is a pure symbolic act, and you should do that for free at
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