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Zodiac: Scorpius
Oct 24 - Nov 22
Read more about Scorpius.
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Lacey Lou's Star

This star is named to:
Lacey Lou's Star


Thinking of Lacey and your family in my thoughts and prayers! She was well-loved and is going to shine brightly in your hearts like her star in the sky. Peace, love, & blessings. Megan
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Pets hold a special place in our heart <3

Pets become like family. I know Lacey was a part of yours. She will hold a special place forever and got to be a member of a very special, loving, and caring family. We love you and will miss you, Lacey! Nora
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Lacey was such a sweetie and a faithful friend. What a fitting tribute to her and a way to remember how brightly she shined! You will be greatly missed Lacey!-Meredith

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