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Zodiac: Leo
Jul 23 - Aug 22
Read more about Leo.
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Tookie Butt Tookie Butt

This star is named to:
Tookie Butt Tookie Butt


Princess Margie has made me a True Knight.


For the Lovers Time shared in the late evening or early morning. Moments taken from Time, moments when the hands of the Clock cease to move. Moments Maybe not stolen time but a gift given to lovers;
When nothing else exists but the Two of us. Actually less than Two with you in your spot, but much more than One. Pledging my Heart to you, whispering ILOVEYOU over and over again into your comfort.
Never could I say it enough, never could words truly express my feelings for you.

For teaching me how to Love, how to give my Heart away.
For all of Time shall it beat for you; never to return.
For letting me enjoy the miracles of the Day.
For inspiring me to want more.
For patting the seat next to yours at Poppyseed, I am forever Margies
For the peace you have shown me, always shall it be your Spot

Thank you My Sweet Margie.

Do not be afraid to let me in, easy is it to share good times, but defined is our Love in troubled Times. Lets take this further and deeper than other People can even understand.
I will endure pain and risk everything for your Maybe Baby Lets write the Greatest Love Story ever told.
I am prepared to wait this entire Life and the Next if thats what you need.
Forever shall I hold a candle for you.

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