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At Staracle, you can get Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) for many bright and super-bright stars as well as many astronomical deep-space objects. Below you will find a selection of NFTs to choose from, but you can also stroll our Messier object catalogue to find more.
NGC 772
Two supernovae have been observed in this distant galaxy.
token ID: 772002990329558415138632400020210
red giant star (K5III)
The bloody eye of the bull is the brightest star in this constellation.
token ID: 1266014161003196703959429159407200010110
HR 5171
yellow hypergiant star (G8Ia+ C)
A triple star system containing one of the largest known stars.
token ID: 9008036471004301589550386078704200010110
M42 (NGC 1976, Orion Nebula)
diffuse nebula
Messier object number 42 is a diffuse nebula in the constellation of Orion.
token ID: 42002192142126315064609200020110
yellow white star (F7:Ib-IIv SB)
A tripe star system, with one much fainter companion being visible only in telescopes, and the triple star system only visible in very large telescopes.
token ID: 4628002371001671980371371838623200010110
NGC 6543 (Cat's Eye Nebula)
planetary nebula
This wonderful planetary nebula is made from the remnants of an old star.
token ID: 6543004070402810479544409600020210
M101 (NGC 5457, Pinwheel Galaxy)
spiral galaxy
Messier object number 101 is a spiral galaxy in the constellation of Great Bear.
token ID: 101004314866005104972715600020110
γ Cassiopeiae
luminous blue sub giant star (B0IV:evar)
token ID: 4017023191005285037207400257654200010110
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