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Zodiac: Gemini
May 22 - Jun 21
Read more about Gemini.
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Christmas Gifts

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Kindle ebook reader

Perfect for anybody who likes to read and travel. Take a pile of books with you on this state-of-the-art ebook reader. The kindle paperwhite has a very natural high-resolution display - it almost feels like real paper!

Pie Face Game

A hilarious game for the whole family, perfect for the Christmas family party. All ages will love it!

Disney Frozen Fever Elsa Doll

One of the favorite characters in the kingdom if Arendelle. We bet your doughter will love it!

Amazon Gift Box

Nicely packed Amazon gift card, perfect for most occasions. Ships in a box.

Amazon gift card email

Are you in a hurry? This Amazon gift card will be delivered by email. Print it at home and decorate it yourself. Instant download.

Lego Minecraft The Cave

The beginning of all engineering careers ... your kids will love it!

Jenga Classic Game

Do you think this classic is a boring present? Not at all! Be prepared for an "I always wanted that!" when you hand it over ...

First 100 Words

A great gift for a 1-year-old. Also great as a small side present.

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