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Zodiac: Capricornus
Dec 22 - Jan 20
Read more about Capricornus.
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Name an extra bright star

Extra bright stars exclusively for you in the Staracle International Star Directory
All stars in the Staracle International Star Directory are unique. We never give away the same star twice. Therefore, it is not possible to name the bright and well visible stars at Staracle: There are simply not enough of them. Some commercial star naming companies offer well visible stars while giving away the same bright stars over and over again.
At Staracle, we want your star to be unique! Therefore, we decided to let you name the extra bright stars on a yearly basis. There will only be one name per year, and for each year, the name will be recorded in our data base. You will receive a certificate and star chart for your star's regstration.
Since there are so few bright stars, there is a nominal charge for every extra bright star. This will help us maintain our general free star naming service.
The table below shows the overall number of stars for a certain brightness. The annual for a one-year naming of a star depends on its brightness.
Brightness in words Magnitude Number of stars Fee
The brightest stars in the sky < 1 13 upon request
Visible even in polluted cities 1 ... 2 32 upon request
Visible in cities with limited light pollution 2 ... 3 134 US-$ 100.00
Visible in small cities with little light pollution 3 ... 4 441 US-$ 50.00
Visible in dark areas outside large cities 4 ... 5 1631 US-$ 20.00

Are you interested?

If you are interested, please contact us directly. We will work with you and customize your star naming documents according to your wishes.
What you will get:
Even in the country side, far away from our bright cities, only a few thousand stars can be seen with the naked eye. And only a few hundred are well visible.

Name a star for free!

... because it is as real as if you pay! (Why?)
A personal star is the perfect gift for your loved ones. Your star's certificate is only a few clicks away.

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